dinsdag 28 februari 2012

Think before you tweet: social media best practices for undergraduate business schools

Donna I.M. Spraggon, Think before you tweet: social media best practices for undergraduate business schools, 2011
The writer of this article is Donna I.M. Spraggon. She took a look into our social media and came to the conclusion that we can improve the way we work with the social media.
In the introduction she explains that online social media are new for businesses and that this medium is used as a communication tool of undergraduate students. Research has shown that social media were apllied much faster by universities and colleges than by the fortune 500 companies.
The article explains how businesses should use social media to boost their sales. Professor Spraggon gives a list with best and worst practices of these media. An example of worst practices is ‘being misleading in any way’ and an example of best practices is ‘ determine an audience and try to appeal to them by using multiple social media tools’.  
She studied 20 business schools between 20th June and 7th October and concluded that none of them is using Facebook with a certain consistency. 19 of these 20 schools don’t even participate on Facebook, so students, professors, Alumni and researchers have no place to meet each other on Facebook. Given this information professor Spraggon suggests a system which she developed to help institutions work with Facebook.

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  2. A mistake on Twitter is quickly made. It is a powerful social media that can easily work against a person or corporation. For example, an American politician named Anthony Weiner had to resign from U.S. Congress in 2011 after he accidentally shared an indecent photo via Twitter. Yves Leterme is another example of a so-called “twitter failure” closer to home. I find this a very interesting topic. Perhaps we can look at fatal mistakes brands have made on social media. Or how to avoid fatal mistakes?