maandag 27 februari 2012

Geographic Dissection of the Twitter Network

Juhi Kulshrestha, Farshad Kooti, Ashkan Nikravesh, and Krishna Gummadi, 2012. Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (

In this article the authors explain how the users of twitter are geographically spread over the world. They ask themselves the question if geography has an influence on the social network Twitter. During their research they discovered some interesting things.
The exchange of information:
For example, they found that there are only a few countries that are representing a large share in the number of Twitter users. Another more obvious finding is that there is a positive relation between the Human Development Index of a country and the amount of twitter users they represent. Furthermore they found that most tweets are produced and consumed in the same country.
Links between countries:
When the authors looked at the relation between countries, they have discovered two fascinating aspects. First, they found that countries with the same language are more likely to correspond with each other. Second, they saw also that there is more contact between countries that are geographically close.
Finally, their analysis reveals that geography has indeed a great influence on the division of users of the social network Twitter.

Bryan Declerck

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  1. According to me this article has great value to businesses and to economies. Due to the fact that social media use is based on location and language, businesses can set up a marketing mix to reach their target audience. I think that most people expected a positive relation between social media use and the Human Development Index of a particular country, now it’s scientifically proven. I think it would be interesting to do a bit more research concerning this topic.

    Nino De Moor