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Social media marketing web X.0 of opportunities

Social Media Marketing Web X.0 of Opportunities
The author tells us about the future of social media marketing. At this time, the marketers aren't been able to transform the increasingly popular social media such as Facebook and Twitter into a sustainable commercial model. Many are struggling to turn their popularity into financial success. On the other hand, some believe social media may not have the staying power. And yet in the top 10 most frequently visited web site there are several social media sites.
Viral marketing: interaction and participation
The author summarize different kind of marketing methods, with the focus on viral marketing and integrated marketing communication principles. Because of the interactive nature of social media, combined with consumers' participation, viral marketing has the most commercial potential. The consumers are participants in both creation and spreading of content.  This means not merely focusing on spreading the word, but actively participate in promoting products.
The viral marketing effort should fit the brand personality so consumer become part of the success of a product. The main finding of this research paper is that companies should learn to cede control to their customers. Both positive and negative word of mouth advertising are opportunities for corporations to start conversations with their customers.
Baruh, L. 2010. Social Media Marketing Web X.0 of Opportunities. Handbook of Research on Social Interaction Technologies and Collaboration Software: Concepts and Trends, 4, 33-43

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  1. I think social media marketing is an interesting topic to research even further. “Social media: The new hybrid element of the promotion mix”, the article I’ve read and summarized, has got many similarities with this article. For example, both talk about different kinds of marketing methods, like Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) principles. But the authors of “Social media marketing web X.0 of opportunities “ also talk about ‘Viral Marketing’, a term that has not been used in the other article. They only focus on IMC. So I think it’s interesting to compare both articles and to learn more about social media marketing, especially about the different kinds of social marketing methods.

    Mark Cazander